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fabric cleaning londonFabric sofa cleaning in London is a service key part of Top TD Cleaning Company and we look after our initial consultation – we thoroughly assess the fabric and decide which method and treatment is most suitable. Your sofa and other fabric upholstery items are some of the biggest purchases you can make in your home and you expect them to last. Prolong the life of these expensive items by getting them professionally cleaned. You will be amazed at the results and in the long run it can save you money as you won’t need that new sofa anymore!

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We provide a full service to treat and clean your sofa and bring it back to life and protect it from future damage from day-to-day harsh treatment from pets and children! Test – we always pre-test a very small area of your sofa or chair to determine our choice of cleaning treatment and ensure that no sudden damage or loss or change of colour will occur. Upholstery Cleaning – this includes pre-spray, hand brush clean and then machine rinse to deep-down clean your sofa to restore the hygiene levels and appearance of your sofa Protection – we end the treatment with an application of protective solution to prolong the life of your favourite household items

  • Curtains - Half-length (per set) - £30
  • Curtains - Full length (per set) - £35
  • 2 Seat Sofa - £30
  • 3 Seat Sofa - £35
  • Chair - £10
  • Armchair - £15
  • Armchair (Leather) - £20
  • 2 Seat sofa (Leather) - £40
  • 3 Seat sofa (Leather) - £50

Our teams of upholstery cleaners London are fully trained and industry-compliant so you can be assured of the highest standards in upholstery cleaning. Call our cleaning company today at to learn more about fabric sofa cleaning London at 020 7156 7853

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