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Choose our expert carpet cleaning technicians. Our company works with qualified and experienced carpet cleaners in London. Nothing says more about your home or office than clean and healthy carpets. A clean home or workplace starts with lovely clean and fresh carpets and Top TD Cleaning Company offers a full range of packages to help you clean and maintain your carpeted areas. We offer the following services which all use the latest equipment and industry techniques to achieve a professional standard that can’t be achieved at home.

We provide:

  • Effective stain removal
  • Professional odour removal
  • We recommend regular at least one-off yearly professional carpet cleaning service

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We use the following methods after a careful assessment of your carpet to ensure that we look after your carpet throughout the cleaning process:

  • Hot water extraction – often known as steam and shampoo washing
  • Dry method

Our firm is committed to looking after the environment and we use biodegradable products that leave no residue or unpleasant odours.

Check out our cleaning prices:

  • Bedroom - may depend on size (up to 12 sq/m) - £25.00
  • Stairs - per flight - £25.00 or £2 per step
  • Kitchen - £10.00
  • Living Room - may depend on size (up to 12 sq/m) - £30.00
  • Through lounge - £50.00
  • Hallway (up to 5 sq/m) - £15.00
  • Bathroom - £10.00
  • Rugs - may depend on size (up to 12 sq/m) - £25.00

To find out more about our service and the efficient carpet cleaners London, please call our office today at 020 7156 7853 for a free estimate and advice.